Open for Entries Reminder Service Reminder Service 13 September 2015 NewcastleGateshead 13.1 miles
Open for Entries Reminder Service Reminder Service 13 September 2015 NewcastleGateshead 13.1 miles

The course

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We have a full medical team in place at the event. There are at least 21 first aid posts along the course as well as mobile medical units. Medics will be situated at each mile point and drinks station and of course at the finish. If you have any medical condition, for example asthma or an allergy, detail this on the back of your race number, along with any medications, so the doctors have the information – just in case you are one of those who need attention. For more information see page 46 of your magazine.

Runners' welfare - pick up points

We have three pick-up points along the course at the 8½, 9½ and 10¾ mile points. These mini buses are for runners who want to pull out of the race and need to go to the finish area.

Drinks stations

There are six drinks stations on the route. Bottled Aqua-Pura water is available at 3 miles, 5¾ miles, 8½ miles and 11½ miles. Lucozade Sport will be available at the start and finish and also at 4½ and 10 miles.


Showers will be set up on the course, so if you need to cool down don’t grab bottles of water. There are three fine mist sprays between eight and twelve miles – look for the large “shower ahead” signs.


There are 15 official Great Run “Bands on the Run” that are in position at set locations around the course to help motivate and entertain you throughout your run. There will also be a Boost Zone which is a wall of sound designed to give you an extra push at around 10 miles. We also have 12 charity cheering points this year to cheer you on as you pass.


During the planning of the Great North Run we take every care to ensure the emergency services can still go about their duties with limited hindrance. However if an emergency situation does arise and a vehicle with blue lights needs to cross the course, we ask you to make this as easy as possible by clearing a route for the vehicle to cross safely.