Open for Entries Enter Now Open for Entry 18 October 2015 Birmingham City Centre 13.1 miles
Open for Entries Enter Now Open for Entry 18 October 2015 Birmingham City Centre 13.1 miles

The course

Download the Bupa Great Birmingham Run 2014 Course Map in PDF format

As you head along Bradford Street in Digbeth, the ‘Midland Red’ girder fence of the Coach Station and this iconic sign will mean you’ve clocked up your first mile.

Your first steps along the Pershore Road – of which you’ll be seeing a lot over the next hour – marks the second mile completed.

Look to your left as you approach the three mile marker and you’ll see West Midlands Police’s Tally Ho! Training, Sports and Conference Centre.

There will be good crowds along here as you head to the first water station. Make sure to grab a drink!

As you turn off the Pershore Road and head up Kensington Road, you’ll see the route head up a steady incline; halfway up the road you’ll have completed four miles. Keep it up!

If you’re aiming to complete the run in under two hours, you should reach this former Friends’ Meeting House after three quarters of an hour; turn the corner and you’ll soon be passing Cadbury’s iconic chocolate factory in Bournville.

After passing Cadbury’s, it’s a short incline and then turn left into Mary Vale Road; as you approach the railway bridge and Bournville Station, that’s six miles done – you’re almost halfway!

The crowds are always great around Bournville – but make sure you remember to take a bottle of water at the second fuelling station just after the six mile marker.

You’re now heading back into Birmingham city centre and over halfway there; some runners will be coming towards you on the outward leg – and as you glance to your left and the church, you will know you have completed seven miles.

As you pass Birmingham Nature Centre – or Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park as it is now known – you’ve reached eight miles. You will be well into your stride, but make sure you take on plenty of fluids at every drinks station.

You’ve passed Edgbaston Stadium, home of ‘The Bears’ and turned into the entrance for Cannon Hill Park. As you enter the park itself and cross this bridge, you’ve completed nine miles. ‘The Hill’ is not far away now…

The third water station is just after the nine mile marker. Taking on fluid is crucial, especially at this stage of the run. If you’ve brought any energy gels with you, take one now to spur you on for the next few miles.

Heading back into the city centre now; as you reach the edge of Calthorpe Park, that’s 10 miles completed – just over three to go!

After turning onto Belgrave Middleway, you pass under Pershore Road and then under Bristol Road interchange – this is the start of ‘The Hill’, which then continues up Lee Bank Middleway, onto Ryland Road, Charlotte Road and St James’ Road. As you turn off into Ryland Road, it’s not the end of The Hill but the end of Mile 11 and the start of your 12th mile. There are a few more inclines to come…

You deserve a drink – but for now it’ll have to be just a bottle of water at the fourth and final water station.

As you pass Simpsons Restaurant on your left and head along Highfield Road, you’ll see the welcome sight of the 12 mile marker – and a line of volunteers handing out Jelly Babies. Grab a few – you’ll be glad of that sugar rush to see you over the last mile or so. You’re almost there!

The crowds will really start to build as you turn onto the Hagley Road and begin the final run-in to Five Ways and Broad Street…

As you head down Broad Street, the cheering crowds either side will be willing you on for those last few hundred yards. When you see the bridge between the ICC and the Hyatt Regency Birmingham, you know the finish line is just moments away. Well done! You’ve just finished the Bupa Great Birmingham Run. What an achievement!