Open for Entries Reminder Service Reminder Service 13 September 2015 NewcastleGateshead 13.1 miles
Open for Entries Reminder Service Reminder Service 13 September 2015 NewcastleGateshead 13.1 miles

The finish

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There are two key things to bear in mind at the finish: the first is what to expect, and the second is what to do once you’re through the finish system. The below information highlights the key points, however for more information please see page 23 in the magazine.


We operate four finish systems side by side: marshals will guide you in. Regardless of which funnel you use your time will be automatically worked out for you by the chip system. Although it may seem very tempting to stop please keep moving as you cross the line: there will still be thousands of runners behind you. Keep moving through the finish into the chip return area. This is a self service area – simply bend down and tug your chip to break the plastic ties then hand it to the chip collection team. If you are injured or too stiff to bend down move along into the assisted area where staff will remove your chip for you. We have a comprehensive medical service at the finish should you need it.


The family reunion area is at the exit from the finish, on the grass on the seaward side. Follow the signs to ‘family reunion.’ Meet up under the A-Z banner that matches the first letter of the runner’s surname. So if you’re meeting a runner called John Smith, stand under ‘S.’ You might choose to meet up elsewhere, e.g. at a charity tent or at your car: the important thing is to agree this in advance with everyone in your party.


The baggage buses are parked near the finish on the grass by Bents Park Road. Retain your number as only runners are allowed on board the buses. The latest finishers may find that the buses have gone: if so then your bag will be held at the baggage information cabin. Changing marquees and toilets are situated on the grassed area beyond the buses.


The stadium contains the largest number of unisex loos, but you will find more in the Charity Village and in the family reunion area. There are also loos near the Grandstand and along the Coast Road and by the changing marquee near the baggage buses. Male urinals and female only loos will be located near the information point.


There are 100 charities with marquees in the charity village to meet and greet runners. Many of them will be providing refreshments, massage and entertainment making it a great place for some post race chillout. Contact your charity to see if they will be there.