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Saturday 23 June 2018

It’s important to be aware of the Great East Swim 2018 event timetable prior to the big day. Familiarise yourself with the information below and ensure you leave plenty of time to drop off any baggage, travel to the start line and get warmed up. You must check-in 30 minutes before your start time. If you miss it we may not be able to move you to another wave, so please don't be late.

Please see below for the 2018 event day timetable:

Time Swim Hat Colour  
08:00 RED 5k swim
08:05 GREEN 10k swim
10:00 PINK 2 mile swim
10:30 RED SwimRun (Short distance)
11:00 YELLOW 1 mile swim
11:30 ORANGE 1 mile swim
12:00 WHITE 1 mile swim
12:30 RED 1 mile swim 
12:50 GREEN Swim250
12:55 YELLOW Swim 250
13:30 PINK 1/2 mile swim
14:00 YELLOW 1 mile swim
14:30 ORANGE 1 mile swim 

*NB. All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event


Which Distance?

1/2 mile

Water Safety

We just want to reassure you that you are in very safe hands while taking part in your swim. We have lots of fully trained water safety kayakers, lifeguards and boats monitoring you all the way around, so you're never far from some friendly support.

If you find yourself struggling, or in need of a little breather, just lay on your back and pop your hand up, and one of our safety team will make their way to you to check everything is ok.

Event Maps