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The Great Run British Marathon Series

The record-breaking success of Team GB at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics again provided yet more proof that the Great British public’s love of sport is very much alive and kicking.

At the heart of this affection is the sport of athletics and specifically, a love affair with running. Which distance holds most fascination is a matter of taste, but the case for the marathon is perhaps stronger than any. A marathon presents the greatest challenges both physically and mentally however the incredible sense of achievement felt after completing this event will leave a tingle up your spine!

From the moment Pheidippides covered 26.2 miles in 490BC to bring news of a famous Greek victory over the Persians, the dye was cast to use this distance as a measure of the human spirit! Here was an event in which the clock was no longer the sole arbiter of success. The mere act of covering this distance was now seen as a lasting mark of success and achievement alike!

And so with the imagination and admiration of the British public duly captured, the Marathon has developed into a wonderful celebration of running endeavour. Rarely are two reasons for running one ever the same, but the common thread of commitment and application remains present.

Celebrating the ongoing public admiration that extends to this day, The Great Run Company is proud to announce their own British Marathon Series launching in 2017. Scotland and England will have a new marathon option to cater for the thousands of eager runners all wishing to follow again in Pheidippides footsteps! From the historic setting of Stirling to the bustling streets of Birmingham, our venues will produce marathons with iconic courses that are sure to inspire.

Be part of the World’s Favourite Run and join us at the start of our own historic journey. Our courses offer the chance for all levels of ability to be their best, along with training plans to help you along the way.

Whether you want to challenge yourself, be a source of inspiration to others, or simply embrace love of running, the high of crossing a Great Run marathon finish line is a feeling you will want to experience.

The Great Run British Marathon Series - the new standard in Marathon Running!

21 May 2017

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15 October 2017
£ 55

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