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Bupa Great North Run 2012

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/Chip
407514766Paul Blakey01:42:10Chip Time
407610802Marc Pedraza Lucha01:42:11Chip Time
40776804Sarah Crombie01:42:11Chip Time
40783386diane vaughan01:42:11Chip Time
40791710Darren Reevell01:42:11Chip Time
408018911Raymond Harmer01:42:11Chip Time
40811936nicholas carlile01:42:12Chip Time
40827104Christopher Dickson01:42:12Chip Time
40838328Archie Mckennan01:42:12Chip Time
408410565Garry Wilson01:42:12Chip Time
40857198Ryan Noble01:42:12Chip Time

Age and Gender Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
542Raymond Harmer01:42:11
544Michael Batey01:42:12
563Steve Marsden01:42:35
576wayne kelleher01:42:46
583Dominic Hilton01:42:53

Age Group Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
601Simon Baker01:42:09
602Paul Blakey01:42:10
603Raymond Harmer01:42:11
604Darren Reevell01:42:11
605Michael Batey01:42:12

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
3712Raymond Harmer01:42:11
3718Michael Batey01:42:12
3725John Mindham01:42:13
3732Neil O'Brien01:42:14
3738kevin burnett01:42:16

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