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Bupa Great North Run 2012

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/Chip
3943254838Fiona Boyer03:26:20Chip Time
3943345811Rachel Dawkins03:26:24Chip Time
3943451422Martin Eales03:26:41Chip Time
3943553066Anna Bell03:26:43Chip Time
3943635403Sandra Birnie03:26:48Chip Time
3943755572Pamela Birnie03:26:48Chip Time
3943841839caroline langley03:26:49Chip Time
3943929329Dennis Warren03:26:49Chip Time
3944052183mandy payton03:26:49Chip Time
3944129322Angela Warren03:26:50Chip Time
39442369IAN TURNBULL03:26:57Chip Time

Age and Gender Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
2598Tori Booth03:25:14
2599Fiona Boyer03:26:20
2600Pamela Birnie03:26:48
2603Wynona Boyd03:28:29
2604Caroline Brown03:28:36

Age Group Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
6233Tori Booth03:25:14
6234Fiona Boyer03:26:20
6235Pamela Birnie03:26:48
6236Frances Aitchison03:27:07
6237Robert Murray03:27:23

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
16416Anna Bell03:26:43
16417Pamela Birnie03:26:48
16420mandy payton03:26:49
16422vanessa sherriffs03:26:57
16423rebecca canham03:26:58

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