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Great Ireland 5k 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
16503Killian McNamee00:17:03Gun Time804
26508troy scully00:17:08Gun Time779
37734Paul Cummins00:17:16Gun Time767
46697Eamonn Dunne00:17:22Chip Time772
57528Maisy O'Sullivan00:17:26Gun Time855
66698Neil Hand00:17:53Chip Time744
76511Dylan McLaughlin00:18:31Chip Time730
87613Sean Kinnane00:18:50Chip Time818
97520stephen dawson00:19:11Chip Time709
106695Jonathan Martin00:19:25Chip Time705
116696Dylan Sheehan00:19:30Chip Time679

Age and Gender Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
1Paul Cummins00:17:16
2Eamonn Dunne00:17:22
3Neil Hand00:17:53
4Dylan Sheehan00:19:30
5Ollie Power00:19:37

Age Group Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
2Eamonn Dunne00:17:22
3Maisy O'Sullivan00:17:26
4Neil Hand00:17:53
5Dylan Sheehan00:19:30
6Ollie Power00:19:37

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
3Paul Cummins00:17:16
4Eamonn Dunne00:17:22
5Neil Hand00:17:53
6Dylan McLaughlin00:18:31
7Sean Kinnane00:18:50

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