Hands up who completed the Great East Swim?  But have you done two in one day..?!  Or is that just me?!  Ha Ha!

For the first swim at 11am, I was relaxed and swam with a friend to help her through her first long open water swim.  I felt great because I was concentrating on making sure I stayed calm to help my friend through.  To be honest, if its your first time, it’s really fun if you can try and swim with an experienced open water swimmer.  It can also really help to calm any nerves which are inevitable.  Having someone there who has done it before can be really reassuring and helpful. That said, the organisation beyond these events is brilliant and if it’s your first time, you will receive plenty of encouragement and support. 

So after the first swim, I was back in the water at 2.30pm to take part in the 5km event!  I was pumped and excited but also a little apprehensive about the third lap and whether I was strong enough to cope with the distance.  Would I make it to the end? It was definitely invigorating but Im not going to lie ..it was also hard work!  During the final lap I got a cramp in my calf... but I kept going.  Sometimes it just takes is a little bit of grit and determination to get you through and Im really happy to say that I finished in 1hr 25m!  Very chuffed with that!   Again I have to praise the organisation of the event and there seemed to be plenty of support staff around, all extremely friendly and helpful.   Everyone is made to feel very welcome – whatever your distance and whatever you want to get out of the day.   

In terms of kit, decent equipment is obviously essential to help keep you going through the race.  A great pair of curved lens goggles and a wetsuit from Aqua Sphere really helped to make me feel secure in the water.  No fiddling with the goggles and no baggy wet suit!   Also please don’t forget the importance of good nutrition.  I had porridge for breakfast and I also drank plenty of water, plus I took a gel in the middle of the 5k.   Make sure you are fuelled up properly as well as well kitted up!  After that – just enjoy it!!!   So what is next for me?  Well now I’m really looking forward to the Great London Swim on the 18th July!! I'm in the 2pm wave. So give me a wave!  :)