Whether you’re running to lose weight, improve fitness, relieve stress, raise money or to simply be part of the world’s leading 10 mile running event, you’ve started on a fantastic journey!

There’s nothing quite like the joy of hitting the open road and the feel-good factor it brings, and of course we all know about the health benefits. Research shows that running is one of the best forms of exercise for your heart and lungs, it strengthens your bones, and even raises your IQ (say hello to the next pub quiz champion!)

Whatever your ability, there is plenty of time to train for the Morrisons Great South Run, so don’t be deterred by the sheer volume of runners hitting the pavements in the lighter nights, just remember to go at your own pace. For many that will be brisk walking.

To help you on your way we’ve put together some advice on how to get started, what your Great Run Training diary might look like, and handy hints and tips.

Our top 5 tips to get you up and running

  1. Picture your motivation: are you raising money for charity, running for a family member, aiming to beat a previous time or simply on a mission to lead a healthier lifestyle? Picture your motivation to spur you on.
  2. Build up gradually: it takes time for your body to adapt to the demands of running. Don’t forget... there's no shame in walking, we all start somewhere!
  3. Find a great location: to love running is to run in a place you love. The UK is full of beautiful parks, trails, beaches and cities all waiting to be explored. 
  4. Make a playlist: think Eye of the Tiger and Don’t Stop Me Now for some of the best fist pumping, pep-talking, energetic tracks to help you go that little bit further.
  5. Find a running buddy: by committing to meet someone for a run you’ll be much more likely to train, and the encouragement can go a long way.


Try Great Run Training

In four easy steps, Great Run Training will create a training plan based on your ability, the distance you want to train for and the date of your next event. Each plan starts off at a level that you will find comfortable, and gradually builds up your training so that you improve at a safe, steady rate.

By logging your activity in your personal training diary, you can monitor your progress and see your achievements in front of you. The plans are printable, so you can even stick it on your fridge for extra motivation!

great run training

great run training

What your Great Run Training diary might look like

Match your running ability to a category below and find out what you could expect from a Great Run Training plan:

  • You’re a walker who wants to do a little more: we recommend the Run/Walk plan for you. This will combine running and walking efforts within the same training sessions.
  • You're a beginner who can't yet jog/run for 20 minutes without stopping: we recommend the Introductory plan for you. This will start you off with run/walk sessions to get you going.
  • You're a beginner who can already jog/run for 20 minutes continuously: the Introductory plan is still for you but you will start 4 weeks into the plan. This will start you off with some easy runs of 15-20 minutes in length.
  • You’re an intermediate runner who can run for 25 minutes: we recommend the Improver plan for you. This will gradually increase your training levels to improve your performance.
  • You’re an advanced runner who can run for over 30 minutes: we recommend the Challenger plan for you. This will step up your training, mixing steady running with more complex sessions to get you in your best shape for your event.

There’s loads of advice and tips at greatruntraining.org and it’s FREE to use - just log in with your Great Run username and password.

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The Morrisons Great South Run is the world's leading 10 mile running event and takes place in Portsmouth on Sunday 25 October. Click here to enter