Entries are open for the Stirling Scottish Half Marathon taking place on Sunday 29 April. Find out more and sign up here.

You might have heard about last year’s inaugural Stirling Scottish Marathon that saw thousands of runners signing up to take on the challenge.

The demand was huge so with that in mind, and the fact 26.2 miles is a pretty long way, we’ve introduced its sister event, the Stirling Scottish Half Marathon which will take place on Sunday 29 April, the same day as the 2018 marathon event.

So if 13.1 miles is your idea of fun or you fancy a challenge then here’s why you should be part of it this spring.


If you’ve run many events before and taken part in a 10k or half marathon recently, there’s still time to train for this distance. If you missed out on the marathon, as entries closed at the end of January, there is still the opportunity for you to be part of this huge day of running and soak up the amazing atmosphere.

So if you’re not far away from Stirling and you’re still searching for your spring half marathon, we’ve got the solution.

Yes, this is on the route and you'll be running down here.


Stirling is arguably one of the most scenic places in the UK (we think!) and what better way to explore it and see the sights for yourself than by taking the 13.1 mile tour? The half marathon forms part of the later stage of the marathon route where runners are taken off the main road onto Hillfoots Road and Gogar Loan which is one of the most jaw-dropping marathon views we’ve ever seen. You’ll have just passed the Wallace Monument too so you’ll already be feeling the wow factor and soaking up the historic landmarks of the city.

No matter what the weather on the day, we don’t think this dramatic backdrop will disappoint you – just remember to take your half marathon selfie here.


If you’re living in Stirling, or studying at the University then you wouldn’t want to miss out on this if you’re a keen runner. I mean, what’s worse than watching runners go past your front door and wishing you were on the other side of the barrier yourself? Even if you’re not a runner, then get making those banners and gather a cheer squad to come and support the thousands of runners taking on the challenge.

If you don't live in Stirling then don’t worry, it’s less than an hour’s drive from Edinburgh and Glasgow. So plan a day out or make a weekend of it and come on over!

The half marathon route passes right through the city centre and bustling streets before finishing in King’s Park in the event village where there’ll be allsorts to greet you – so don’t worry we’ve got the rehydration, refuelling and celebratory booze covered here. ;)


The weather should have warmed up by the end of April but we think this half marathon is the perfect complimentary event to any of you who are taking on a marathon in the near future, or even to see where you’re at before your autumn marathon.

The half marathon distance is not something to be snuffed at, it’s a huge accomplishment for any runner. So why not sign up and give yourself a confidence booster, get over the finish line feeling awesome and get the medal, t-shirt and goody bag to go with it?

You can’t beat the sense of achievement and feel good factor running gives you when you know you’ve pushed yourself hard.


If you’re feeling tired of the wintery months and your New Year’s resolutions are coming to a grinding halt then signing up to an event is one of the best ways to motivate yourself again and have a goal to aim towards.

The nights will start to get lighter so you’ll already feel spring the air, so why not put a spring in your step – get your running engine going again! Exercise makes you happy, relieves stress and of course it's a great calorie burner.

So get off the couch and come and join us in April. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Sign up right here.