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Bristol-based fitness blogger, Rachael Power, shares her tips on how to get run-ready for the Great Bristol 10k. See part one here.

Cross train 
To complement your running training, cross training can also help build up your fitness and condition your whole body. Whether it’s yoga, cycling, swimming or strength training, give something else a try to help build up strength and stamina. Most of all it should be fun, so choose something you really enjoy.

Before you start your training, take a few days to think about your fitness level, or test yourself out. Go for a power walk or ask for a fitness test at your gym to determine what level you should start at. PureGym has two city centre locations at Union Street and Harbourside, so why not head down there to ask their advice on how mixing up your training could help your running.

Motivate yourself
Get some people on board to encourage and motivate you to keep up with your training. If you don’t have a training buddy or work colleagues running the 10k, there are plenty of running clubs around Bristol, which you can get involved with too. 

Running solo? Social media is a great way to keep those motivation levels high. Every week runners gather on Twitter for #ukrunchat to chat all things training. Sharing your training runs on Facebook with route-tracking apps is a good way to see all your training laid out before you and track your progress.

Eating the right kinds of foods is a major part of improving your overall fitness. It’s a good idea to cut down on sugary treats and that post-work glass of wine or beer, and instead, save your chocolate treats or pint until after a long run, when they’ll taste all the better. 

In the meantime, replace treats with healthy alternatives - foods high in protein (organic chicken, tofu, greek yoghurt) healthy fats (avocado, coconut oil, nuts) and carbohydrates (oats, sweet potatoes, wholegrain rice) are great fuel for those training for a 10k. 

If you’re grabbing food on the go, there are a ton of great places to eat in Bristol to help you keep that training on track. Roll for the Soul on Quay Street has vegan and veggie options, whilst St. Nick’s Market at The Exchange on Corn Street is brimming with healthy food stalls – try out Royce Rolls and Eat a Pitta. Superfoods, the ultimate healthy eating café is close by to the University, so if you’re studying nearby, try this place out to boost your brain and running power.  

So there you have it; with the right gear, the right goals, motivation and training plan you should be set to take on the Great Bristol 10k. 

Remember to build up to it, ease in gently to your training and address any niggles or soreness straight away.

See you at the finish line!