Enter the Great Bristol Family Mile here.

We've partnered with Mel Bound, founder of Bristol-based social running community This Mum Runs to bring you some top tips ahead of the Great Bristol Family Mile on Sunday 15 May - a fantastic way to get running with the whole family!

1. Encourage your kids to pace themselves and not to shoot off too fast - remind them it’s just for fun and not a competition. And a mile is a long way for little legs! Read them the Tortoise and Hare story before the big day to help them understand all about pace.

2. Depending on their age, run beside your kids or even slightly behind. This is their run, let them own it. If you’ve just completed the 10k, they might even leave you for dust!

3. Make it fun and don’t take it too seriously! If they start flagging, get inventive to distract them. Skip for a bit, or do hopscotch. Think of things for them to spot along the route (pink trainers, a flag, green socks) to take their mind off feeling tired and before you know it they’ll be zooming off ahead of you again.

4. Team up with a couple of other families on the day; meeting up beforehand and starting together as a group will really make it feel like a special occasion (and also help calm the nerves a little bit!)

5. Do the run in a family fancy dress! What kid doesn’t love dressing up in pyjamas....(me, not so much!)

6. Check the weather forecast beforehand and dress everyone in layers. There’s nothing worse than a child feeling too cold and wanting to stop or totally overheating and dragging their feet for a mile.

7. Have a drink and go to the loo in plenty of time before the start of the run - you don’t want to get to the start line only to hear “Muuuuum, I need the toilet....!’ 

This Mum Runs is an inclusive, social running community for women. 

They offer flexible running times, free local runs, communities and coaching that cater for all levels of fitness. 

They are running Mums who understand the pressures of motherhood and know all too well that their role isn’t limited to a 9 to 5, so neither are their communities. Their aim is simple - to inspire all Mums, of all abilities to run and reach their goals in a way that works around their life. Not gets in the way of it. 

2500 Mums across Bristol and Bath have already been inspired to get their trainers on. 
For more information, check out their website and Facebook page