Running with a partner is a great motivator and can help give you that extra push when you really need it most - but is that equally true if your running partner is also your partner in life?  

Do you love running together or do you look forward to running for some time alone?

In honour of Valentine's Day, which is just around the corner, we're bringing you our top five reasons why you might run better if you run together.


Studies have shown that runners experience an increase in motivation when training with another person or group of runners. Having someone alongside you can also help pass the time on a long run.  Organising a morning training run with your partner might be what you need to stop you reaching for the snooze button! The nice thing about running with your loved one is that your main motivation is very close. Take advantage of it. It's a good thing!


Running together is a great way to encourage communication. Talking about your day, catching up on gossip, problem solving and discussing what’s on your mind is a great way of spending quality time with your partner, while fitting training in. Win-win!

Date night

Running shouldn’t always be viewed as challenging. Try viewing running together as a date. Find a time when you’re both free and arrange to meet for a running date. Thinking of meeting your partner for a date gives you a boost of motivation and gives you something to look forward to. It’s also a lot better for your wallet and your waistline than eating out!

Strength in numbers

If something unexpected happens on your run, it’s nice to have your running buddy with you to help. Even if you run on your own, it’s always a good idea to let your other half know your training plans or leave a note of where you’ll be running and how long you expect to be out for.

Train Smart

We’ve all been there… remember - never try to race your partner! Try not to make the mistake of overindulging in sports related competition, which can potentially lead to injury or over training or let’s face it … arguments! There’s a good chance the two of you run at different paces, so discuss this prior to running so you’re both happy with the pace you’ll be aiming for.  If there’s a huge difference in pace then try incorporating some speed work, run hard then jog back to them to recover – but always remember to take the end of your run easy to help your body recover for your next outing.


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