Whether your goal is to complete your first half marathon or improve on your previous best, we have a selection of training plans to suit you.

The 12 week half marathon plans are designed to take you all the way to your scheduled event day. However, don’t worry if you haven’t entered an event yet, as these can be used at any time throughout the year and are the perfect way to stay motivated.

With three levels, there is something for everyone, so take a look and get running today.



The introductory plan is ideal if you’re taking on your first event or your training has lapsed over the last few years.
It starts you off with easy runs before slowly building your running and is perfect if you’re not a speed demon and simply want to enjoy your time on the road.

Download the 12 week half marathon beginner training plan



The improver plan is perfect if you’re a keen fitness enthusiast and you already have an event under your belt.
By gradually building up the duration and intensity of your runs you will get to the start line in great condition and improve your performance.

Download the 12 week half marathon improver training plan



The advanced plan is ideal if you're a regular runner but you’re looking to structure your plan towards a performance goal.
By mixing steady running with more complex sessions, this programme will step up your training to get you in the best shape for your next event.

Download the 12 week half marathon challenger training plan