If you have signed up for the Stirling Scottish Marathon and Stirling Scottish Half Marathon, it can be a serious juggling act to squeeze in training time for yourself, especially when your family priorities take top billing.

But running doesn’t have to be a solo activity, so why not involve the whole family too!

Here are some reasons why you should run with your nearest and dearest and take on Thistles Great Stirling Family Run which forms a part of a weekend of top class sporting activity in Stirling.

The Perfect Family Activity

Running together is not only a great way of encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle, but it can also promote great values to children like inspiration, motivation and a strong work ethic. Thistles Great Stirling Family Run will be an all-day celebration at Kings Park on Saturday 28 April, with come and try it sports, food, drink, banner painting and music. It will be a day to remember!

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You Can Start Small

If you’re a beginner runner and are looking for your first challenge, running small short distances with the kids can help your motivation stay high in January. If your children are joining you, it’s also important that they don’t go off too fast so by fitting a shorter running route into your week, they can learn some simple training tips too.

Warm-up With The Kids

If you’re taking on one of your longer runs, why not warm up with the kids? Even if it’s a jog to the end of the street and back, it’s a way of fitting in their daily steps.

Train With A Stroller

Make sure you never miss out on that all-important training run because you can’t find a babysitter by bringing your little one along in a stroller. There are many jogging strollers on the market, which will give you quality time with your child and added resistance, even though it may feel like every step you’re taking is uphill!

Sign Up For Thistles Great Stirling Family Run

Be part of a fantastic day of running with the whole family at Thistles Great Stirling Family Run, which takes place on Saturday 28 April.

Thistles Great Stirling Family Run takes place in Stirling's Kings Park, and is open to children aged 3 years old and over. It is highly recommended that those aged 3 - 8 years old run with an adult, which would mean purchasing one child entry plus one adult entry. Any child aged 9 years old and over can choose to run on their own. Typical with any public event, a responsible adult should be present with all children under 16.

All entrants will receive a medal and a bottle of water for all of their hard work after they cross the finish line.

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