It was Saturday night. The running kit was ready and the bib and pins were in place. Great Run were coming to Glasgow for the first time this year and as a Glaswegian, you might possibly expect me to be involved. However, seeing as it was the Morrisons Great Women’s 10K, I could only watch from the side-lines and cheer on my friends while the running kit belonged to my partner Teresa, who like so many others, was taking part in her first 10K in nearly 25 years. 

So, I decided to ask her (Paxman style) what she thought about her first 10K and first Great Run event.

Teresa, you live with a Great Run blogger, jog leader and all round legend. Just how much did he inspire and motivate you to start running again?

You didn’t! In fact, for the past two years you’ve dragged me out of bed every Sunday morning for either Great Run Local or one of your many events across the country….enough to make me hate running! It was my friend Annette who planted the seed, inspired me and told me that I could do it. Great Run Local did help however, as it gave me the confidence to run with others again, having last ran when I was in my teens. 

You chose the Morrisons Great Women’s 10K to make your 10K return. Was this because men can’t sign up and I couldn’t beat you?

No. The Great Women’s 10K is renowned for being one of the best events in the running calendar. It’s full of women, from all walks of life, supporting each other and some of my friends and colleagues had signed up, many of them faster and better runners than you!

Er, moving quickly on. This was your first 10K after only two 5K races. You don’t run a lot. Did you fear that you were unprepared for this?

I’m a firm believer in varying my training. A combination of Kettlebells and Metafit with interval sprints and resistance training with my personal trainer, Christine, provided me with a good level of fitness, strength and stamina. I slowly built on the 5K distance and I was confident that I would finish.

Did you have any fears? 

I had some fears about running in such a large and congested group and I rarely enjoy the first 10 minutes of any run. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy it while the weather forecast and heavy rain at 7.30am didn’t instil confidence. But I needn’t have worried. The atmosphere at the start was fantastic. There were runners of all ages and abilities and there were so many great stories from all of those running for charity. Despite the forecasted flood, the skies even cleared a little and by the time we warmed up and across the start line, I was raring to go. 

Any particular highlights?

In one word; support. From the kids high fiving, sharing out sweets and waving motivational signs, to residents giving out water and cheering us on, as we disrupted their streets on a usually quiet Sunday morning, everyone played their part. Pipers, drummers and especially the crowd on the finishing straight lifted me and helped me to push on. 

Anything that you didn’t like or would do differently?

I wasn’t keen on the UFO (unwanted flying object) that brushed my face as the runner next to me discarded her water bottle and I wasn’t prepared for the hills of Pollok Park. I had underestimated their difficulty and for my next race, I will include more hill training.

Your next race?

Yes, I really enjoyed the Morrisons Great Women’s 10K. Great route, great atmosphere and well organised. I couldn’t help but be inspired by all those around me. I definitely want to do more 10Ks and I definitely want to beat you in a race!

I will look forward to when Teresa signs up for October’s 10k at the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run, although obviously I might have to do the half marathon and if she wants to challenge me, she’ll have to up her game and her distance – the competition is on!
Do any of you have domestic rivalries when it comes to running together?