A quarter of a million people of all ages and abilities take on active challenges with the Great Run Company every year. As an organisation, we’re committed to delivering safe and well organised events for participants and our host locations, as sustainably as possible.

We have significantly reduced the amount of printed materials we distribute in recent years and the majority of information is communicated to customers electronically. Where we do print material for our customers, we use paper that is produced in Europe from wood farmed from sustainable sources, our magazines are recyclable.

We encourage everyone travelling to and from our events to make use of public transport, and in many locations partner with rail companies and coach providers to offer better value for customers using public transport.

Our welfare obligations to runners include providing them with adequate hydration for their event. All Aqua Pura water bottles used in our events are 100% recyclable. Since 2015 the company has used 25% recycled plastic in all their bottles. They are working with suppliers to increase that 25% figure, and hope to announce an industry leading level of recycled plastic in the near future in Aqua Pura bottles.


  • We work with local partners across the UK to remove waste from site and recycle as much as possible. This is not limited to plastic and includes, cardboard, wooden pallets, medals and signage. 
  • We reuse generic signage at as many events as we can and keep using it for as long as we can. Our outdated signage is fully recycled.
  • This year we have made the decision to significantly reduce the amount of plastic finishers bags used at our children’s events by opting to hand out items in the finish area instead. Our adult finishers bags are made from 100% recycled, degradable polythene.  We encourage runners to re-use their hard-wearing bags whenever possible to reduce polythene consumption or to recycle them at their local supermarket collection point.
  • We no longer offer space blankets as standard at all events, but have limited them to our longer marathon and half marathon distances.
  • All clothing discarded at the start of the race is collected and donated to local charities. 
  • We partner with the Yorkshire Aid Convoy, donating unused event T-shirts and obsolete event supplies are distributed annually in Ukraine and Romania. 
  • Where possible we’re switching to hybrid generators on event sites which reduce fuel usage.
  • We minimise the number of vehicles we use at events, and staff travel by public transport whenever possible.


The Great Run Company is committed to continuously working to reduce our environmental impact. Our Environment group meet quarterly and report to the Senior Management Team, making recommendations to improve our record.