The ABCs of selling are taught to all graduates worth their salt when they venture into the big bad world of business: ALWAYS BE CLOSING! 

It's fair to say that a similar motivational acronym should go through every runner’s head as they venture into the big scary world of running: ALWAYS BE FINISHING!

Closing targets and goals through running, much like in life, is the main reason why so many people reach further and feel the long lasting benefits. 

Not "I jog every now and then" or "Yeah, I did the half marathon a few years ago," I mean the people who lace up the running shoes whether it’s wet, warm or otherwise to focus on the good times ahead.

If you're a newbie to running don't let this 'big scary' sales tactic put you off. 

Those people you see regularly stomping round the roads and parks all started somewhere, and we can almost guarantee that for the majority of them it wasn't as easy they're making it look now.

Just reach for the dusty sports drawer, prepare yourself and flick that negative voice off your shoulder as you step out the front door.

Once you've found a route that suits you and collected a promising subtotal of miles, it's time to start finishing your first journey with an event and a real finish line, and then you really are a runner.