You might be a fun runner, keen club athlete, or would be Kenyan. It doesn’t matter. The longer you spend running easily every week, the better you’ll perform on race day. 

But when we’re all so crazy busy with life, how can you find the time and energy to fit everything in? Here are my ten top tips to success.


Take it (very) easy

When you’re building up the amount of your easy running, be sensible. Add extra runs into your week gradually. Stay relaxed and enjoy your new fitness journey.

Go at your own pace

Easy runs you should feel just that - easy. It’s fine to take walking breaks if you need to. Please don’t worry about your pace at first. Just being out there is a start.

Up and at ‘em

Morning runs are a great way to log some miles before daily life gets in your way. So get your kit ready the night before, set your alarm, and away you go.

Go long to be strong

Weekly long runs are your new best friend. They will give you the strength and confidence to tackle a half marathon. Aim for at least one hour on your feet.

Be smart about sessions

Harder runs and structured sessions can be excellent fun. But they’re tough on your body, and you’ll need time to recover. Always follow a hard day with an easy day or rest.

Embrace the challenge

Some days you’ll feel superb. Other days? Not so much. Embrace the challenge, and go running anyway. Remember, if our sport was easy everybody would be doing it.

You’ve got to roll with it

Do everything you can to stay injury free. Whenever you can, only run on grass. If you haven’t got one yet, invest in a foam roller. 10 minutes each night works wonders.

Learn from the best

Try running with someone who’s better than you at least once a week. Join them for one of their easy runs. They’ll drag you along, and you’re bound to pick up some tips.

Now your adventure begins

I wish there was a shortcut to running success, but there isn’t. There are no magic apps, shoes or sessions that will get you there overnight. I should know - I’ve tried them all.

You must be organised, patient, and work hard. But if you do, you’ll discover you have  far more potential than you ever dreamed. And then your adventure will really begin.

See you on the start line,


Johnny will be blogging for us as we lead up to the Simplyhealth Great Birmingham Run half marathon on Sunday 15 October. Entries are still open. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.