Here’s how you can get over the Monday blues (and before you think it – it’s not all about running!)


Get outdoors

Try getting out in the open today – whether you walk your dog first thing this morning or head out for a lunchtime stroll with your work mates – fresh air can give your immune system a boost, and energizes you for the rest of your working day.

Cook up a storm

Do a quick search online for some cheap, healthy and tasty recipes and head to the supermarket after work to cook up a delicious meal for dinner. Break the routine of your average mid-week dishes and try something new. You could spice it up, make homemade pizzas or maybe try tapas. Whatever you choose, cooking can be great fun and boost your mood.

Mondays are cheat days, right?

If you’re sick of being healthy this month and you’ve been craving your favourite treat, then do it and don’t feel guilty.


We did say, it’s not all about running but lacing up your trainers on a day like today will help boost your mood and you never know you might run a PB, so get out there and smash it.

Take a rest day

If you really can’t be bothered doing any exercise, then take a rest day. After all, it’s an important part of training and it’s essential to take a break regularly so don’t feel bad if you don’t feel up to it. If you’re muscles are feeling achy from lots of training, why not grab the bubble bath?

Turn it up!

Whether you add some more upbeat songs to your running playlist, listen to the radio on your commute or you decide to put on your favourite album when you get home, listen to some tunes to make you feel happier. Music has a great effect on your mood so it’s time to blast the speakers.

Just relax

If none of this works for you and you’re just not feeling it, then grab your PJs and get cosy on your sofa this evening and just chill. Ditch the chores and homework for a night and unwind.