With Valentine’s Day approaching, we continue to look at some of the reasons why you love running. Get in touch with us on social media if you have any other suggestions!

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Running relieves stress

The release of feel good endorphins through running can help you relieve stress. Some exercise such as running can also help relax your mind by getting into a rhythmic flow. 

Running brings health benefits

Running just 10 miles a week reduces the risk of heart disease by an impressive 42 per cent, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. Any form of aerobic exercise is good for your ticker, although long-term research from Harvard Medical School found that more vigorous activities, like running, are better than low to moderate ones, like walking. The same can be said for bone health – taking part in a weight-bearing exercise such as running can help your bones adapt and grow stronger. 

Running makes you feel younger

Gone are the days of huffing and puffing up the stairs, the increased metabolism from running resulting in weight loss helps to make me feel young and live a longer, healthier life! 

Running helps improve your body confidence

Feeling fitter and looking more toned and trim can’t fail to have a positive effect on your body image. But recent research from the University of Florida found that the simple act of exercise is enough to make people feel more confident about their appearance, whether they become fitter or not. And that means you’ll start feeling good about yourself from day one – even before those health and fitness benefits start rolling in. 

Running helps you lose weight

Running and exercise in general helps burn calories while you’re working out. The bonus is that when you exercise, the burn continues after you stop, it’s like getting paid even when you’ve left the office at 5 o’clock! 

Running is an affordable way to keep fit

Save money on gym memberships and hiring a personal trainer by simply lacing up your trainers and getting out for a run! There’s no need to get tied down to a 12-month contract, getting fit can be fun and save on the wallet! Sign up for a free plan at Great Run Training and follow a schedule that’s inline with your current fitness levels and goals! 

Running allows you to be competitive

If like many runners you have a competitive edge, running offers a challenging way to be competitive with yourself and fellow competitors! Friendly competition with friends and training partners is a great way to improve and get the most out of your runs. 

Running allows you to play with new gadgets

If you like your technology you can measure and monitor your progress using a range of online training platforms and GPS devices helping to give you useful data on the move, which you then get to look back on and analyse once you get home! 

Running allows you to be flexible with your time

With running you’re not tired down to certain times or durations. Being active just two times per week is better than running five or six times one week and then not running for three weeks. If you’re short on time you can always manage a 10-mintue run helping to maintain a positive energy balance. 

The more you run, the more you improve

Simply put the more you run the more you improve! However like everything this needs to be done progressively and safely to reduce the risk of injury. Not sure whats a safe amount to increase your running training? Sign up for a free training plan at Great Run Training today! 


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