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About The Blog

Cycling is my lifestyle

Cycling is more than tight lycra, helmets and saddle sores. It’s more than the professional cyclists who ride at 25mph and the Tour that takes over your town (and your television). It is, of course, much more than road rage and viral videos of altercations between cyclists and drivers.

It’s a sport that is integrated into millions of lifestyles across the country in many different forms.

Some people are motivated by fitness, for others it’s the daily commute to work in their office suit and trainers, or it’s a simple Sunday afternoon ride through the park on a vintage bicycle embracing cycle-chic style.

Cycling is a lifestyle, and this blog will introduce you to different people all over the UK who embrace cycling in their everyday lives, in different ways.

Our bloggers will take you on a journey with stories, tips and general cycling thoughts covering a range of subjects including health, fitness, holidays, training, bike maintenance and everything in between.

Cycling is my Lifestyle is brought to you by the team behind the Great Manchester Cycle, a mass participation cycling event which sees thousands people take on 13, 26 and 52 mile distances on a city centre closed road course.