Cycling is more than tight lycra, helmets and saddle sores.  It’s the freedom of the great outdoors, the satisfaction of completing a challenge… and of course there are the obvious health benefits too.

It’s a sport that is integrated into millions of lifestyles across the country in many different forms; some people take part for fitness, for others it’s fundraising and for the rest it’s fun.

Whether you're new to cycling or a professional, here are our 10 reasons to love it:

Explore the great outdoors
How many times have you joined a gym, sat on the nearest exercise bike and cycled for as long as you can, staring at the same view in front of you?  Cycling outdoors brings the sport to life, and the best bit: you’re not stuck in the same spot!

Anyone can do it
There’s no need to worry about clinching that spot at the back of the spinning class, hiding yourself so that you’re able to mess up the routine in secret; you can be a complete novice in cycling and still excel.  It’s all about going at your own pace, doing what makes you feel comfortable and setting your own personal goals.

The lycra
Admit it, we all wish that we could dig out our old cycling shorts and take a trip back to the 90s, and cycling gives you the opportunity to do just that.  So dig out your original MC Hammer vinyl and embrace the joys of lycra!

It’s a challenge
The first time you decide to climb that hill instead of getting off your bike and pushing your way up can be one of the most satisfying things on earth.  The challenge is what gives you the motivation to go further.  But probably the best thing about getting to the top is riding back down… so channel your inner child and take on those descents like your life depends on it.

It saves money
Ok, we know that buying a bike doesn’t come cheap, but if you use it to get around on a daily basis you’re set to save hundreds of pounds on fuel bills.  There are also numerous ‘cycle to work’ schemes, where employees can get a bike tax-free, saving on average around half the cost.

You can tone up
Forget bums, leg and tums class, one of the best ways to tone the lower half of your body is to cycle.  It's a low-impact exercise so is easier on your joints than running, but still helps you get into shape.

It makes you happy
Not only do you feel very pleased with yourself after achieving your most recent goal, but your brain will have released endorphins, those brain chemicals that give you a ‘euphoric’ feeling… putting a smile on your face and reducing anxiety and stress levels.

You can track your progess
There’s nothing better than seeing your progression laid out in front of you (and being able to boast about it of course!)  The vast amount of training and cycling apps out there mean that you can keep track of your routes, distance covered and calories burned – the perfect motivation.

The freedom
There’s nothing better than being on your bike on the open road with the freedom to go wherever you want.  So, breathe the fresh air into your lungs and start your adventure today!

The achievement
Whether it’s your first time on a bike or a 100 mile challenge, the sense of achievement from cycling can be overwhelming.  If you want a goal to work towards then why not enter an event such as the Great Manchester Cycle, and choose from the variety of distances on offer.


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