In December 2013 my doctor told me that unless l did something about my weight it was a very real possibility that l would not return from my next hospital visit.

As a single father this was enough to make me change my ways; I finally understood l needed to do something about my health.

At 30 stone, I had fatty liver, poorly functioning kidneys that were very infected and borderline type 2 Diabetes.

Drastic action was needed, and healthy eating comprising of mainly fresh fruit and vegetables would be the answer. So cold turkey it was; l cut out alcohol, dairy products, fast food and processed meals. 

Yes it was hard at first but as the weight dropped off I started to feel so much better and full of energy that l never had before. 

It was then time to set myself some short and long term goals... go to the gym, buy and ride a road bike, join a club and do a few sportives.

These seemed a long way off with the scales touching just over 30 stone. Well, I had to start somewhere.

I had always loved cycling when I was younger, and the low impact nature of the exercise meant that it was better for my joints, since I was carrying so much weight. 

My first step was the indoor bike and the treadmill at my local gym.  I took small baby steps with short uphill walks on the treadmill followed by time on the exercise bike, and I started to see the benefits.

Having started to lose some weight l believed that my passion for cycling would help me to gain back my fitness... admittedly this was mainly done from the sofa with a remote control previously.

adam harding jones

I have always loved cycling

Joining a local cycling club Palefish gave me a renewed confidence that had gone long ago. I found a new group of friends who were incredibly supportive, encouraging me to get back out on the roads. Soon, my small bike rides turned into 50 miles and more.

So far I have lost 10 stone. Never would l have thought that this was possible, as over the last eight years even climbing the stairs was an effort!

Now my life has changed in so many ways and l have so much more energy. This means a better quality of life and my daughter will have me around for longer.

It’s all work in progress and I still have more weight to lose to reach my target. But l now know that there’s no going back.


Adam will be taking part in the Great Manchester Cycle 52 miles distance. Follow him @Swiftsurecars