Strava and other apps like it have enabled cyclists to compete against each other online; globally connecting each rider for next to no money. With only a few accessories like a bike mount for your phone required (Android bike mount or iPhone bike mount), it doesn't take long to get in the game.

First of all, if you haven't tried these apps you must. Route sharing and GPS help you discover lots of new rides as well as upload your own, turning every commute into an exciting pre-work training session. There will be 'king of the hills' to attempt around every corner too, which are all downloadable and most impressively usable.

Based around the idea of having virtual riding partners as well as matching your training with others, you will get to know the names but not the faces. You can of course make contact and ride together but I am yet to take this step.

All my friends use it but it's mostly about my commute, most of us that cycle to work, do it alone – I think it's a huge development in cycling technology. It's dramatically changed the way I ride, the routes I choose and my fun factor. I have three routes I am currently working on.

Is this the cycling club of the future? Busy lives make riding together harder, this allows us to keep a level of fun competition when we can't get the time to ride together live. Long live the cycling club though, nothing can compare to riding with friends, but when that's not possible go out with your phone, a decent mount and ride.

As this technology evolves and gadgets become more commonplace on bikes, I for one will be getting evolved.

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