The Great Manchester Cycle has revealed 10 reasons to #lovecycling this Valentine's Day, in a bid to motivate thousands of people to get on their bikes and take part in the event which will be staged on Sunday 28 June.

The closed-road cycle sportive will return to Manchester city centre for a fourth year with 13, 26 and 52 mile distances, and everyone from beginners to experienced riders can get involved.

Starting and finishing outside Manchester City's Etihad Stadium, the course takes in Mancunian Way, Old Trafford and Media City on a traffic-free route.

Jamie Still, event director at Great Cycle said: “Most people start the New Year with the best intentions to get active, but unfortunately by February the majority of fitness resolutions will have failed.  However, cycling is a sport that you can do at any time, in any place, and a few miles a week is enough to put you on the path to fitness.

“From the freedom to the fresh air, the lifestyle to the lycra, there are many reasons to love cycling, and we want to spread the love and inspire people to get on their bike this Valentine's Day.”

There are many reasons to love cycling, see the full list on the Great Manchester Cycle website:

1.    Anyone can do it
It's all about going at your own pace, doing what makes you feel comfortable and setting your own personal goals.

2.    The challenge
The first time you decide to climb that hill instead of getting off your bike and pushing your way up will be one of the most satisfying things on earth.  The challenge will give you the motivation to go further.

3.    It makes you happy
Cycling releases endorphins, brain chemicals that give you a ‘euphoric' feeling… putting a smile on your face and reducing anxiety and stress levels.

4.    You will tone up
Cycling is a low-impact exercise which is easier on your joints than running, but still helps you get into shape.

5.    It saves money
‘Cycle to work' schemes give employees the chance to purchase a bike tax-free, saving on average around half the cost.

Read 10 reasons to #lovecycling this Valentine's Day and enter the Great Manchester Cycle here