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Results help

How do I find my result?

The easiest way to find your result is by race number. On the results landing page, enter your race number into the search box, choose your event and click search.

You can also search by the runner's name and you will get a list of all the people matching that name. Finally, you can do a more complex search using the advanced search page where there are lots of options to refine the criteria of the person you are searching for.

Can I find my results from older races?

  • Each event listed in the drop down box has the results for that race.

What is the difference between Gun and Chip Times?

Gun Times are displayed for a set number of athletes who are first to cross the line. After this point, chip times are displayed for the rest of the field.

Can I share my results?

Using the social media icons, you can share your current page link with your friends in Facebook & Twitter. This will open a window to the website with the sharing link already embedded. You will need to have an account with the social networking site before you can post a link.

I can see my position in my Age / Gender categories, but how do I know how many people are in my category?

To see how many people are in your race category, do a results search and rather than enter your own details, apply the gender / age group filters as appropriate.  When you click search you will see results for everyone in the category, and at the bottom of the page it will tell you how many results have been found.