Taken on a Great Swim before and have decided to up your distance for 2017? We’re here to help you improve everything from your time to your technique!

We recently got together with our ambassador, elite open water swimmer and Olympic silver medallist, Keri-anne Payne, to give you intermediate swimmers some top tips to help you conquer your 2017 Great Swim event.

Set a goal time

Starting to up your swimming game and want to hit a particular time for your Great Swim this year? You’ve already completed a Great Swim event before and will have your time, so with this in mind, think about what time you can realistically work towards this year. Keri-anne advises that in order to get the time up you need to start training regularly and consistently – don’t try and cram in loads of sessions just before your event!

Consistency is key

To help with improving your swim time, and your technique, you need to start fitting in those training sessions, whether in the pool or open water, regularly. Don’t leave all your training to the last minute either as you’ll just get tired and won’t perform at your best come event day.

Work on your pace

It’s event day! You’ve done all the hard work in training so now’s the tie to put all that work into action for your Great Swim. To help you get that time you want, remember to back-end your Swim – don’t try and sprint swim as soon as you hit the water. Start out nice and calmly at a pace you’re comfortable with so you can conserve your energy and really go for it in the last bit.