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OUTDOOR SWIMMING SKILLS Simon Griffiths looks at some basic skills that will make your outdoor swim more enjoyable and, if you race, faster. BETTER BREASTSTROKE Breaststroke is the world’s most popular stroke, primarily because it’s closest of all the strokes to how humans swim instinctively.In this article, Terry Laughlin from Total Immersion explains a markedly more efficient way of swimming breaststroke. Front Crawl Basics Front crawl is the fastest and most efficient known way for swimmers to move across the surface of the water. Mastering it, however, takes time and effort as it requires a complex series of moves involving the whole body. INTRODUCTION TO LONG DISTANCE SWIMMING Introduction to long distance swimming and tips on what to eat and how to prepare for your big swim. IMPROVING YOUR CONFIDENCE Now you’ve done your first outdoor swim, hopefully you’re inspired and ready for more. So, what next? Well, there are a few skills you could learn and practise that will help you become more confident and competent in the water. Improving Your Swimming Joel Enoch, a triathlon coach and sports nutritionist for Clif Bar, official nutrition partners for the Great Swim series, gives some tips to improve your swimming. 3 Ways To Get Prepped For Your Great Swim From training tips to wetsuits, we've got you covered. Three Technique Tips To Try In Training Just what is Critical Swim Speed? Working On Your Technique If improving your swimming technique is high on your list, take a look at these tips from CLIF Bar. How To Improve Your Great Swim Top tips to help your improve your Great Swim this year