A little update on me!

My training has continued throughout the winter and I've continued to lose more weight, even though it has slowed down. I've also decided to join a swimming club (Putteridge Swimming Club) to help my training further - highly recommeded! My diet is still high in protein and low in carbs - which gives me loads of energy for my training swim, and I always try to eat as fresh as possible.

The training

I've just had my first 2 open water swims of the year where I entered a 1.5k race and was delighted when I managed to knock 2 minutes off my previous time from September. It was cold but I enjoyed it so much that I drove 20 miles on bank holiday to swim again in Box End Park lake in Bedford!

The kit

With the colder weather and the chillier water I appreciate having good kit. A well-fitting and flexible wetsuit like my Aqua Sphere Challenger not only keeps me warm but is fast in the water. I also like to wear two hats to help keep heat in, as well as ear plugs to keep the cold out. I'd really recommend getting yourself a really good pair of tinted goggles for when the sun is shining  My favourite pair at the moment are my Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles with new polarised lenses, which has curved lenses for really wide vision and are always superbly comfortable, no matter how long I wear them for. The last thing you need during your swim is to be fiddling around with your goggles!

Summer of swimming

So...it’s now getting closer to my Great Swims! I've chosen to swim a mile and then the 5km at the Great East Swim on Saturday 20 June, as well as a mile at the Great Newham London Swim on Saturday 18 July. To top it all off I'll be taking part in a few sprint triathlons and the HSBC relay triathlon in September with my amazing friends who encouraged me so much last year.   Can't wait!