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Great Runners Welcome Here

What is it?

Great Runners Welcome Here is a simple scheme designed to promote links between city centre retailers, food and drink outlets, and Great Run customers. Before and after event day Great Runners will have the chance to benefit from a range of exclusive offers created specifically for them by businesses in and around the event location. Runners get great deals, businesses attract new customers, and overall it’s good for the city.

Why get involved?

For businesses...
Great Run events bring thousands of visitors into city centres every year. By providing special offers through this scheme your business can take advantage of this market. There is no charge for joining the scheme and the nature of the offer is completely up to you!
We talk to our runners on a regular basis via our website, email communications and our extensive social media channels. We will work with you to promote the Great Runners Welcome Here Scheme by highlighting your offers to our runners in the lead up to all of our events.

For runners...
We all love receiving a special offer now and again and this scheme is designed especially with you in mind. It’s free to be a part of, the concept is simple, and it will give you the chance to take advantage of a wide range of fantastic offers before and after your event day. By supporting the scheme and selecting the offers available to you, you are helping to strengthen the relationship between you and your local businesses.

How do you take part?

For businesses...

  • Choose what your offer will be e.g. a free drink with a meal, two sides for the price of one etc
  • Select a timescale for the offer to remain valid i.e. 1 week before the event and 1 week after, event day only, the day before the event etc
  • Complete the application form on this page and we will send you a Great Runners Welcome Here poster so you can display it in your window. Once approved, please check your junk email in case your confirmation email and window image arrive there.
  • Share your news with Great Run so that we can list it on our website and help to promote it via social media and our other online platforms

Please note: Our runners will receive their event packs approximately four weeks prior to each event with their run number included, which they will use to claim the offer. We would suggest that offers are kept simple and apply at all times to avoid confusion or disappointment. If table booking is recommended, please make that clear.

For runners...
It’s really easy to get involved, all you need to do is check what offers are available to you via the Great Run event pages under the section entitled 'Great Runners Welcome Here'.

Once you’ve found an offer you’d like to take advantage of, simply turn up to the participating business to receive the offer.

But don’t forget your run number as this is what will enable you to claim your special offer.

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