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Morrisons Great Manchester Run 2015

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
264026760Christine Cooper00:47:17Chip Time0
26413769Tom Neely00:47:17Chip Time0
26422157Aatar Hashmi00:47:17Chip Time0
26432545James McFarlane00:47:17Chip Time0
264411981Rachael Moore00:47:17Chip Time0
264513128Mark fellows00:47:17Chip Time0
26462991Chris Perkins00:47:17Chip Time0
264715758Josh White00:47:17Chip Time0
26482903Neil Gilchrist00:47:18Chip Time0
26492330Stephen Weigh00:47:18Chip Time0
26502442Patrick Flanagan00:47:18Chip Time0

Age and Gender Results (0 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
1394Tyson Dye00:47:16
1395Dave Thompson00:47:17
1396Mark fellows00:47:17
1397Aatar Hashmi00:47:17
1398Tom Neely00:47:17

Age Group Results (0 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
1515Aatar Hashmi00:47:17
1516Joe McQueen00:47:17
1517Mark fellows00:47:17
1518Dave Thompson00:47:17
1519Josh White00:47:17

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
2430Aatar Hashmi00:47:17
2431James McFarlane00:47:17
2432Mark fellows00:47:17
2433Chris Perkins00:47:17
2434Tom Neely00:47:17