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Morrisons Great South Run 2015

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
26573489Martin Church01:21:41Chip Time0
26583892Laura Ratcliffe01:21:41Chip Time0
26594655Heath Greenslade01:21:41Chip Time0
26608808Jeff Mitchell01:21:42Chip Time0
26612052terry greening01:21:42Chip Time0
266211146Antonio Valentino01:21:43Chip Time0
26639504Katie Perrin01:21:43Chip Time0
266410838Phillip Prophett01:21:43Chip Time0
26651145Paul Fackrell01:21:43Chip Time0
266611390Jane Pearce01:21:44Chip Time0
26674651Jason Millson01:21:44Chip Time0

Age and Gender Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
858David McIntosh01:21:40
859Ashley Rossiter01:21:41
860Antonio Valentino01:21:43
861Jane Pearce01:21:44
862Glen Rickersey01:21:46

Age Group Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
1009Laura Ratcliffe01:21:41
1010Ashley Rossiter01:21:41
1011Antonio Valentino01:21:43
1012Jane Pearce01:21:44
1013Lydia Dakin01:21:45

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
2322terry greening01:21:42
2323Jeff Mitchell01:21:42
2324Antonio Valentino01:21:43
2325Phillip Prophett01:21:43
2326Paul Fackrell01:21:43