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Morrisons Great South Run 2015

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
2111108Simon Earley01:03:45Chip Time0
2121452Rowan Edwards01:03:48Chip Time0
213268paul pallister01:03:52Chip Time0
2141946Philip Strickland01:03:53Chip Time0
2155558Duncan Allan01:03:54Chip Time0
2161225Neil Kinder01:03:54Chip Time0
2175547adrian townsend01:04:02Chip Time0
2181851John Harfield01:04:02Chip Time0
2191201Derek Gilby01:04:03Chip Time0
2201092James Teuten01:04:03Chip Time0
2211709Christopher Tizzard01:04:04Chip Time0

Age and Gender Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
25Sam Bennett01:03:36
26paul pallister01:03:52
27Michael Dally01:04:19
28Martin Packham01:04:20
29John Querstret01:04:23

Age Group Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
26Sam Bennett01:03:36
27paul pallister01:03:52
28Michael Dally01:04:19
29Martin Packham01:04:20
30Darren Luxford01:04:23

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
205Rowan Edwards01:03:48
206paul pallister01:03:52
207Philip Strickland01:03:53
208Duncan Allan01:03:54
209Neil Kinder01:03:54