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Morrisons Great South Run 2015

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
21552581Ian Puttock01:19:30Chip Time0
21561543Angus Kirby01:19:31Chip Time0
21574313Peter Nash01:19:31Chip Time0
21582122helen gilliatt01:19:31Chip Time0
21594979Kieron Vance01:19:31Chip Time0
21606436John McKenzie01:19:31Chip Time0
216113393Joao Mesquita01:19:32Chip Time0
21626407Rob Kelly01:19:32Chip Time0
21631301Philip Green01:19:32Chip Time0
21646010Joshua Cifton01:19:32Chip Time0
21658266Katherine Barker01:19:32Chip Time0

Age and Gender Results (55 - 59)

PosNameFinish Time
66Ian Connor01:19:21
67Phil Southey01:19:27
68John McKenzie01:19:31
69David Lawn01:19:45
70Chris Flitney01:19:50

Age Group Results (55 - 59)

PosNameFinish Time
71Ian Connor01:19:21
72Phil Southey01:19:27
73John McKenzie01:19:31
74David Lawn01:19:45
75Chris Flitney01:19:50

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
1918Peter Nash01:19:31
1919Kieron Vance01:19:31
1920John McKenzie01:19:31
1921Joshua Cifton01:19:32
1922Philip Green01:19:32