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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2017

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
3762635192Emma Burhouse02:54:32Chip Time376
3762752688Sarah Azim02:54:32Chip Time376
3762835030Carol Thomson02:54:32Chip Time404
3762946488Ian Miller02:54:32Chip Time345
3763044017Sara Gray02:54:32Chip Time376
3763142871Katy Miles02:54:32Chip Time395
3763224961fasar khashnood02:54:32Chip Time349
3763346400Linda Drysdale02:54:33Chip Time408
3763429391Lucy Pye02:54:33Chip Time379
3763547631paul brian gowans02:54:33Chip Time370
3763640850Liz Broddley02:54:33Chip Time427

Age and Gender Results (0 - 19)

PosNameFinish Time
260Anna Pearson02:54:25
261Bethany Veal02:54:27
262Katy Miles02:54:32
263EMMA Burke02:54:53
264Megan Hetherington02:55:51

Age Group Results (0 - 19)

PosNameFinish Time
626Anna Pearson02:54:25
627Bethany Veal02:54:27
628Katy Miles02:54:32
629EMMA Burke02:54:53
630Dominic Brown02:55:11

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
16253Carol Thomson02:54:32
16254Sara Gray02:54:32
16255Katy Miles02:54:32
16256Linda Drysdale02:54:33
16257Lucy Pye02:54:33