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Celebrate your big day with our Simplyhealth Great North Run memorabilia, brand new for 2018.
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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
422431125craig hendry01:49:40Chip Time540
422514615Stephen Jones01:49:40Chip Time621
422657159matthew kingston01:49:41Chip Time589
42276635Fiona Carmody01:49:41Chip Time601
42287195John Savage01:49:41Chip Time565
42291321Nicholas Tutill01:49:41Chip Time565
423013030Joanne Meehan01:49:41Chip Time615
42319053Greg Siddell01:49:41Chip Time537
423214729IAN CROSS01:49:41Chip Time584
42337207Karen Waterhouse01:49:42Chip Time714
42346681Paul Branley01:49:42Chip Time632

Age and Gender Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
613Tony Prendergast01:49:40
614John Savage01:49:41
615Nicholas Tutill01:49:41
616Darren Wilkinson01:49:43
617Leon Whitby01:49:46

Age Group Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
696Haley Carr01:49:40
697John Savage01:49:41
698Nicholas Tutill01:49:41
699Darren Wilkinson01:49:43
700elaine dodd01:49:44

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
3667matthew kingston01:49:41
3668John Savage01:49:41
3669Nicholas Tutill01:49:41
3670Greg Siddell01:49:41
3671IAN CROSS01:49:41