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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
1460040872Rebecca Graham02:12:14Chip Time497
1460128337Damien Byrne02:12:14Chip Time453
1460217728Adam Brennand02:12:14Chip Time451
1460329085triona danaher-baines02:12:14Chip Time529
1460420581Jason Enright02:12:14Chip Time501
146051391Laura Clegg02:12:14Chip Time503
1460619133Elizabeth Dixon02:12:15Chip Time529
1460720580Jacqui Enright02:12:15Chip Time534
1460836781Jordan Holmes02:12:15Chip Time445
1460923286Jonny Burke02:12:15Chip Time445
1461040377Ashley Barlow02:12:15Chip Time445

Age and Gender Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
702Fiona Higgins02:12:08
703Emma Dalton02:12:11
704Laura Clegg02:12:14
705Sandra Nightingale02:12:16
706Nicole Bewley02:12:19

Age Group Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
2731Damien Byrne02:12:14
2732Adam Brennand02:12:14
2733Laura Clegg02:12:14
2734Paul Mason02:12:16
2735Frank Henshaw02:12:16

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
3714Rebecca Graham02:12:14
3715triona danaher-baines02:12:14
3716Laura Clegg02:12:14
3717Elizabeth Dixon02:12:15
3718Jacqui Enright02:12:15