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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
10894081Vicky Jackson-nocker01:35:37Chip Time738
10904732Alan Urwin01:35:38Chip Time617
1091683Paul Andrews01:35:38Chip Time638
10921297Mark Chaddock01:35:38Chip Time616
10931367Carl Pattison01:35:38Chip Time626
10941859Robert Emson01:35:39Chip Time693
10956170Richard Johnstone01:35:40Chip Time658
10963257Carl Stimpson01:35:40Chip Time616
1097463Kim Simpson01:35:40Chip Time693
10981619Adam Dutton01:35:40Chip Time687
10994620Emma Stanton01:35:42Chip Time685

Age and Gender Results (50 - 54)

PosNameFinish Time
50Peter Wass01:35:15
51Aidan MacBride-Stewart01:35:36
52Robert Emson01:35:39
53Adam Dutton01:35:40
54Craig Bell01:35:47

Age Group Results (50 - 54)

PosNameFinish Time
52Peter Wass01:35:15
53Aidan MacBride-Stewart01:35:36
54Robert Emson01:35:39
55Adam Dutton01:35:40
56Craig Bell01:35:47

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
1033Mark Chaddock01:35:38
1034Carl Pattison01:35:38
1035Robert Emson01:35:39
1036Richard Johnstone01:35:40
1037Carl Stimpson01:35:40