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Celebrate your big day with our Simplyhealth Great North Run memorabilia, brand new for 2018.
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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
2132932079Niall Carr02:23:28Chip Time410
2133016361Gayle Jobson02:23:28Chip Time470
2133142613Simon Cook02:23:28Chip Time415
2133216595Matt Lynch02:23:28Chip Time417
2133344369Gary Laybourn02:23:28Chip Time411
2133422908Neil Frediani02:23:28Chip Time506
2133528166Tamsin Watts02:23:29Chip Time526
2133616597Fiona Lynch02:23:29Chip Time473
2133753417Anna Beckett02:23:29Chip Time457
2133859069Joanna Price02:23:29Chip Time457
2133921592Nick Elliott02:23:29Chip Time417

Age and Gender Results (60 - 64)

PosNameFinish Time
347Andrew McMillan02:23:17
348IAN BELL02:23:23
349Neil Frediani02:23:28
350raymond collins02:23:31
351Robert Richardson02:23:32

Age Group Results (60 - 64)

PosNameFinish Time
406Andrew McMillan02:23:17
407IAN BELL02:23:23
408Neil Frediani02:23:28
409raymond collins02:23:31
410Robert Richardson02:23:32

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
14503Matt Lynch02:23:28
14504Gary Laybourn02:23:28
14505Neil Frediani02:23:28
14506Nick Elliott02:23:29
14507Scott Gralton02:23:29