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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
2081123952Howard Warburton02:22:37Chip Time422
2081258958Paul Atherton02:22:37Chip Time422
2081317475Robin Pearcy02:22:37Chip Time434
2081435338Helen Tovey02:22:37Chip Time523
2081522137Sophie Colley02:22:37Chip Time460
2081631254Kathryn Andrews02:22:38Chip Time505
2081736332Nicola Hudman02:22:38Chip Time486
2081834207Kelly Kay02:22:38Chip Time479
2081931182Clair Stobbs02:22:38Chip Time479
2082024531Oliver Wright02:22:38Chip Time416
2082125897Simon Jackson02:22:38Chip Time438

Age and Gender Results (45 - 49)

PosNameFinish Time
879Fiona O'Byrne02:22:33
880Claire OMara02:22:34
881Kathryn Andrews02:22:38
882Marisha Guthrie02:22:38
883Elaine Browell02:22:42

Age Group Results (45 - 49)

PosNameFinish Time
2753Claire OMara02:22:34
2754Dean Blackburn02:22:37
2755Kathryn Andrews02:22:38
2756Marisha Guthrie02:22:38
2757stephen mcdine02:22:39

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
6565Helen Tovey02:22:37
6566Sophie Colley02:22:37
6567Kathryn Andrews02:22:38
6568Nicola Hudman02:22:38
6569Kelly Kay02:22:38