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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
26611419Peter Watson01:44:13Chip Time572
26626556Selwyn Parrish01:44:13Chip Time636
26633223Wayne Bacon01:44:13Chip Time567
26642279Sam Grant01:44:14Chip Time568
266510146Andy Meadows01:44:14Chip Time653
266656888Colette Byrne01:44:15Chip Time629
26677520Glenn Dunnett01:44:15Chip Time565
266814600Liam Hogg01:44:15Chip Time565
26694101michael o'neil01:44:15Chip Time565
26705925Daniel Moore01:44:16Chip Time569
26713081Caroline Evans01:44:16Chip Time630

Age and Gender Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
120Rosie Coxshaw01:44:10
121Hayley Gowland01:44:12
122Colette Byrne01:44:15
123Caroline Evans01:44:16
124Charlotte Perkins01:44:17

Age Group Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
1048Hayley Gowland01:44:12
1049Wayne Bacon01:44:13
1050Colette Byrne01:44:15
1051Glenn Dunnett01:44:15
1052Liam Hogg01:44:15

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
264Roselle Oberholzer01:44:10
265Hayley Gowland01:44:12
266Colette Byrne01:44:15
267Caroline Evans01:44:16
268Charlotte Perkins01:44:17