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Celebrate your big day with our Simplyhealth Great North Run memorabilia, brand new for 2018.
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Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
18883585Philip Hutchinson01:40:22Chip Time638
188910194Paul Hartley01:40:23Chip Time638
18902493Tristan Snutch01:40:23Chip Time587
189116401Jasmine Down01:40:23Chip Time674
18926251Shaun Webster01:40:23Chip Time587
18938338Corrie Percival01:40:24Chip Time703
18948237Andre Fonseca01:40:24Chip Time586
18954842Stephen Endacott01:40:25Chip Time596
1896363CHRISTOPHER BOYD01:40:26Chip Time684
18972380Courtenay Mitchell01:40:26Chip Time653
18985814Samuel Jones01:40:26Chip Time586

Age and Gender Results (45 - 49)

PosNameFinish Time
21Dorothy Mathie01:40:10
22Janine Gall01:40:20
23Corrie Percival01:40:24
24Kate Black01:40:29
25Hilary Quigley01:40:32

Age Group Results (45 - 49)

PosNameFinish Time
226Philip Hutchinson01:40:22
227Paul Hartley01:40:23
228Corrie Percival01:40:24
229Martin Cooke01:40:27
230Kate Black01:40:29

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
151Janine Gall01:40:20
152Jasmine Down01:40:23
153Corrie Percival01:40:24
154Courtenay Mitchell01:40:26
155Samantha Jayne Birch01:40:26