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Simplyhealth Great South Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
70118450Richard Dargavel01:36:22Chip Time472
701213661PAPPI WHITE01:36:23Chip Time580
701315820Leigh Yates01:36:23Chip Time488
701411960David Madden01:36:23Chip Time488
701513696Fran Bennett01:36:23Chip Time532
701622761Alice Carter01:36:24Chip Time525
701716865Emileigh Clifford01:36:24Chip Time525
70185754Fraser Hymas01:36:24Chip Time474
701910206Jerry mercer01:36:24Chip Time521
70203750Helen Taylor01:36:24Chip Time540
702112070Hannah Baldassarra01:36:25Chip Time534

Age and Gender Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
633Zoe Morrall01:36:22
634REBECCA Hawkins01:36:22
635Alice Carter01:36:24
636Emileigh Clifford01:36:24
637Catherine Barrett01:36:25

Age Group Results (20 - 34)

PosNameFinish Time
2167Richard Dargavel01:36:22
2168REBECCA Hawkins01:36:22
2169Alice Carter01:36:24
2170Emileigh Clifford01:36:24
2171Catherine Barrett01:36:25

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
2031Fran Bennett01:36:23
2032Helen Taylor01:36:24
2033Alice Carter01:36:24
2034Emileigh Clifford01:36:24
2035Donna Hubbard01:36:25


Entries are now open for the 2019 Simplyhealth Great South Run so get signed up and secure your place today.