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Simplyhealth Great South Run 2018

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
644519376Alan Bryant01:34:31Chip Time536
644613479Carl Wright01:34:32Chip Time479
644713722Paul Hutton01:34:32Chip Time510
644811478Vincenzo Capozzoli01:34:32Chip Time479
644913576Karen Fuggles Wood01:34:33Chip Time602
64508327Trish McCabe01:34:33Chip Time557
64511255James Wright01:34:33Chip Time484
64523629Ben Pankhurst01:34:33Chip Time479
64539648Hatti Howarth01:34:34Chip Time536
645417962James Douglas01:34:34Chip Time483
64555150Sallie Crozier01:34:34Chip Time571

Age and Gender Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
336Laura Edwards01:34:30
337Deliah Downie01:34:30
338Trish McCabe01:34:33
339Sallie Crozier01:34:34
340Faye Pym01:34:35

Age Group Results (40 - 44)

PosNameFinish Time
1045David Howarth01:34:30
1046Paul Hutton01:34:32
1047Trish McCabe01:34:33
1048Sallie Crozier01:34:34
1049Faye Pym01:34:35

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
1761Celine Scott01:34:30
1762Karen Fuggles Wood01:34:33
1763Trish McCabe01:34:33
1764Sallie Crozier01:34:34
1765Hatti Howarth01:34:34


Entries are now open for the 2019 Simplyhealth Great South Run so get signed up and secure your place today.