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Simplyhealth Great Birmingham 10k 2019

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
21103859Clare Bond00:57:13Chip Time545
21111671Julian Powell00:57:13Chip Time506
21126686Jenny Ianson00:57:13Chip Time541
21132125Dominic Torrance00:57:13Chip Time480
21142472Steph Murphy00:57:13Chip Time591
21151982Carl Allsopp00:57:13Chip Time495
21166376Mark Witheridge00:57:13Chip Time564
21174693Ravinder Kaur00:57:13Chip Time541
21185443Rob Ellis00:57:14Chip Time531
21196442Sally Owen00:57:14Chip Time542
21203913Anna Thorley00:57:14Chip Time541

Age and Gender Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
221Thomas Hopkins00:57:12
222JP Hopkins00:57:12
223Carl Allsopp00:57:13
224Matthew spencer00:57:17
225Parminder Bharaj00:57:22

Age Group Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
271Japjit Kaur00:57:13
272Clare Bond00:57:13
273Carl Allsopp00:57:13
274Suzanne Pritchard00:57:17
275Matthew spencer00:57:17

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
1603Julian Powell00:57:13
1604Dominic Torrance00:57:13
1605Carl Allsopp00:57:13
1606Mark Witheridge00:57:13
1607Rob Ellis00:57:14