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Simplyhealth Great Birmingham 10k 2019

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
2791796David Hall00:42:31Chip Time765
2806400Thomas Yearsley00:42:31Chip Time647
2811800Joe Evans00:42:31Chip Time646
282359Gail Colville00:42:32Chip Time853
283933Jen Twine00:42:32Chip Time728
284883Richard Allen00:42:34Chip Time738
2851975Tim Almond00:42:35Chip Time657
2861282Carl Morris00:42:36Chip Time660
287307Ian Gower00:42:39Chip Time749
288623Richard Cox00:42:40Chip Time644
2891161James Boreham00:42:40Chip Time644

Age and Gender Results (50 - 54)

PosNameFinish Time
17Tony Harris00:41:20
18Andrew Wheeler00:41:25
19Richard Allen00:42:34
20Ian Gower00:42:39
21Dave Burton00:42:51

Age Group Results (50 - 54)

PosNameFinish Time
24Stephanie Stevens00:42:16
25Gail Colville00:42:32
26Richard Allen00:42:34
27Ian Gower00:42:39
28Dave Burton00:42:51

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
240Thomas Yearsley00:42:31
241Joe Evans00:42:31
242Richard Allen00:42:34
243Tim Almond00:42:35
244Carl Morris00:42:36