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Simplyhealth Great South Run 2019

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
120944937Mike Smith01:52:06Chip Time477
120958515Lauren Norris01:52:07Chip Time455
1209612387Owen Stephens01:52:07Chip Time408
1209712227Howard King01:52:08Chip Time448
1209811976jon relf01:52:08Chip Time485
1209918830Hilary Hinks01:52:08Chip Time644
1210018331Nikita Moorley01:52:08Chip Time453
1210114753Jen Martin01:52:08Chip Time451
121029887Vicki Patch01:52:09Chip Time513
1210315103Johanna Harrison01:52:09Chip Time560
1210414763Louisa Reynolds01:52:09Chip Time464

Age and Gender Results (65 - 69)

PosNameFinish Time
33Bonnie Brown01:51:48
34Maureen Barrett01:51:55
35Hilary Hinks01:52:08
36Anne Thomas01:53:07
37Linda Campbell01:54:50

Age Group Results (65 - 69)

PosNameFinish Time
132Bonnie Brown01:51:48
133Maureen Barrett01:51:55
134Hilary Hinks01:52:08
135David Edwards01:52:38
136Anne Thomas01:53:07

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
5246Madelaine McDonald01:52:06
5247Lauren Norris01:52:07
5248Hilary Hinks01:52:08
5249Nikita Moorley01:52:08
5250Jen Martin01:52:08