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Simplyhealth Great South Run 2019

PosBIBNameFinish TimeGun/ChipGFY Score
10951464martin broome01:13:36Chip Time719
10961573Robert Moore01:13:36Chip Time634
10971305Jamie Palmer01:13:36Chip Time655
10985578Simon Paul01:13:36Chip Time649
109920599Alex Hibberd01:13:37Chip Time615
11002306Graham Robbins01:13:37Chip Time621
11013480Craig Hardy01:13:37Chip Time615
11024280Matthew Holmes01:13:38Chip Time627
11032844bradley johnson01:13:38Chip Time615
11042641James Lathwell01:13:39Chip Time619
110510694Lewis Jefferies01:13:39Chip Time615

Age and Gender Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
161Kevin Allen01:13:33
162Thomas Bran01:13:34
163Graham Robbins01:13:37
164Matthew Holmes01:13:38
165James Lathwell01:13:39

Age Group Results (35 - 39)

PosNameFinish Time
183Kevin Allen01:13:33
184Thomas Bran01:13:34
185Graham Robbins01:13:37
186Matthew Holmes01:13:38
187James Lathwell01:13:39

Gender Group Results

PosNameFinish Time
992martin broome01:13:36
993Craig Hardy01:13:37
994Graham Robbins01:13:37
995Alex Hibberd01:13:37
996Matthew Holmes01:13:38